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Norfolk Specialties - Industrial Metal Fabrication is an industrial maintenance and metal machine shop located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Our state of the art machine shop specializes in metal industrial fabrication, industrial repair and industrial manufacturing. Our metal services include design, fabrication, welding and machining of parts and equipment. Norfolk Specialties - Industrial Metal Fabrication is equipped to work with all metal materials, stainless aluminum, carbon steel, and non-ferrous materials. Our modern computer numerical control (CNC), turn lathes and milling machines are capable of providing the highest quality production work. Our industrial maintenance services specialize in intricate part manufacturing prototyping and blue printing. Norfolk Specialties - Industrial Metal Fabrication specializes in industrial automation repair, rebuilding and manufacturing. One of the services that Norfolk Specialties - Industrial Metal Fabrication offers is electrical discharge machining. Electric discharge machining (EDM), sometimes colloquially also referred to as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking or wire erosion, is a manufacturing process whereby a desired shape is obtained using electrical discharges (sparks). Material is removed from the workpiece by a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes, separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage. One of the electrodes is called the tool-electrode, or simply the ‘tool' or ‘electrode', while the other is called the workpiece-electrode, or ‘workpiece'. Our services include punch bend shear and brake stainless steel welding and aluminum fabrication. Norfolk Specialties - Industrial Metal Fabrication has served industries that manufacture steel, rubber hose, food processing and electronic component manufacturing, farming industry, tech-style mills and meat packing industries. * Full service industrial machine shop * Metal fabrication facility * Prototyping * Metal processing * Electronic discharge machining (EDM) * EDM hole popping Norfolk Specialties - Industrial Metal Fabrication provides the level of experience and has the technical capabilities to service today's industry standards. We would be please to bid any job you are sending out for work. (402) 371-0714

Metal Fabrication Norfolk Nebraska


1500 N 1st St
Norfolk, Nebraska 68701

North from the Benjamin Street & 1st Street intersection.

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Fax: (402) 371-1521

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  • Full Service Industrial Machine Shop
  • Industrial Metal Fabrication
  • Machining Parts & Equipment
  • EDM & EDM Hole Popping
  • CNC
  • Turn Lathes & Milling


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