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Norfolk Specialties – Static Wire Staple is an industrial machine shop located in Norfolk, Nebraska. One of the products that Norfolk Specialties has to offer is an uneven leg static wire staple. • Uneven leg static wire staple. They are used to connect the metal braid in the hose to the fitting pressed into the end of the hose to maintain a ground so when you put the gas nozzle into your car it doesn’t create a spark • Sold in 2 lb boxes (over 5000 per box) • For larger quantities please contact us • Stainless steel wire staples • $55 per pound • Stainless steel wire staples • Uneven leg staples • Uneven leg wire staples • Wire staples

Manufacturing Parts Northeast Nebraska


1500 N 1st St
Norfolk, Nebraska 68701

North from the Benjamin Street & 1st Street intersection.

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Fax: (402) 371-1521

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  • Uneven Leg Static Wire Staple
  • Sold in 2 lb boxes (over 5000 per box)
  • $55 per pound
  • Stainless Steel


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