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Valentine Machine – Besler Truck Beds is a Besler truck bed bale loader dealer located in Valentine, Nebraska. Valentine Machine – Besler Truck Beds offers trucks beds, truck bed tool boxes and heavy duty truck bed bale loaders. We offer a crossed toolbox designed to set on the bed against the headache rack, and an under the bed tool box that comes in a variety of sizes mounted under the front portion of the bed. Our crossed toolbox offers handles on both side of the box, two gas hinges to help lift and hold the lid in the open position, grazeable hinges and can be locked with a padlock. Our underneath toolbox comes in two sizes and offers a handle with lock and key, rubber grovet to keep moisture out, grazeable hinges and an optional tapered box to accommodate the fuel fill on the bed. Valentine Machine – Besler Truck Beds bale loaders are designed to mount on any flatbed allowing you to move and feed hay. Our bale loaders allow you to unroll only the amount of hay needed providing controlled feeding. Our bale loaders offer the ability to unload bales into feed racks or on the ground, or load bales onto a truck or trailer. Valentine Machine – Besler Truck Beds bale loaders also allow you to unroll bales for pasture feeding from inside the cab using a wireless remote control. Our advanced pivot arm design won’t build up with wet hay or freeze in the winter. • Truck bed bale loaders • Truck bed tool boxes • Flatbed mounted bale loader • Bale unloader • Bale loader arm • Unroll bales • Hay feeder • Hay feeder equipment • Unload bale into feed rack • Hydraulic powered baler • Controlled feeding • Tractor mounted baler • Tractor mount bale unroller • Cross bed tool box • Under bed toolbox • Gas hinged toolbox • Truck bed tool box • Locked truck bed toolbox • Moisture lock truck bed toolbox • Truck bed tool chest • Truck bed tool storage • Locked truck bed toolbox • Padlocked truck bed toolbox Valentine Machine – Besler Truck Beds will help get your bale loading and unloading jobs done faster and use less gas. When it comes to storing hay and bale feeding for the winter, stay warmer with the convenience of the wireless remote controlled Besler bale loaders and unloaders!


110 S Hall
Valentine, Nebraska 69201

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  • Truck Bed Tool Boxes
  • Tractor Mounted Baler
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